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CANNON safes are made in Japan using Leading Cutting Edge Technology, which is acclaimed worldwide. It combines the very best features available and the latest technology for security and protection.

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SECURITY YOU CAN TRUST, N o D o u b t . . .

CANNON safes are renowned for their outstanding quality and lasting durability using fire resistant materials. These safes are powerful enough to combat raging fires, explosions and break-in. CANNON safes guarantee you the very best peace of mind money can buy.


CANNON safes use locks which are approved by the UL laboratories in USA. All CANNON safes have achieved ISO9001:2000 certification and officially approved to surpass the tough Japan industrial standard (JSI) tests in the furnace test (one/two hour Heating & Dropping Tests under ITS).


This test includes gas burners gradually raising the temperature of the airtight furnace to 925C (1697F) where the CANNON SAFE is kept for testing one hour. Within two hours, the temperature has reached 1010 (|1850F).



The safe is then subjected to a drop and impact test. It is dropped from a height of 4(13.1ft) to simulate a situation where the safe might fall from the upper to lower of a building.


After dropping test, the safe is again replaced in the furnace upside down for another one hour heating at 843C (1550F).

MOISTURE TEST (for data safes)

The data safe has also passed the moisture test, ensuring that magnetic media should not be affected by variations in temperature (humidity).


On opening the safe after these tests, the contents are found to be in perfect condition.


Designed to be a part of everyday life, Cannon offers a variety of products and features to complement any lifestyle. Don’t make the mistake of not protecting your valuables from burglary, fires, or natural disasters. Have a backup plan you can rely on.


Totally airtight compartment provides security with its double compartment features. The distinctive inner cabinet gives a level of insulation, which ensures that the internal humidity is held down below the recommended critical level.


Each data safe has adjustable pullout tray to fit any size of magnetic media such as microfilms, magnetic tapes, floppy discs and streamer tapes


The inner compartment is fixed with aeronautical screws making the safe shatter proof in the event of fire or sabotage.

The equipment is designed to protect valuable computer media from raging fire smoke and humidity. The models have withstood the approved by and comply one/two hour fire resistant tests. All materials used are approved by and comply with JIS. The equipment is styled to meet the requirements of modern office.