About Us

Dontech limited was incorporated in the year 2009 with the aim of offering top security products and services. Over the last nine years, Dontech Limited has grown from selling Cannon fire proof safes to other security products and services including but not limited to; Surveillance Cameras, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Safety training and awareness talks, Industrial First Aid Kits,Assess Control, Time Attendance, smoke detectors,intruder alarms,Electric fence Breakthroughs and Safe for hires.

Dontech Limited has gone through tremendous expansion over the nine years operating with two branches and hoping to open more branches countrywide in the next five years. There has also been registered growth in its operations resulting to increase in inventory by 200%. Staff base has also grown from two staff to 20staff and expected to grow further. The company's assets base has not been left behind either. It has recorded a growth of 150%.

Dontech Limited is the preferred partner in both Corporate/Industrial as well as residential security needs.


We work with our partners in utmost confidentiality and trust to ensure that they enjoy atmost peace when it comes to security matters, attained through our high quality security products and services.


To be a market leader in the security industry in the region.

Our Pledge

Dontech Limited is committed to offering you excellent quality security services with utmost confidentiality ,Trust, honesty, integrity and professionalism

Our Core Values